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Kidnapped to Another World

Chapter 10

Chapter 10






I panicked and everything seemed to fade from my concentration. Hearing Rina scream really sounded different than other girls screaming. It wasn’t that the sound of her voice was different but somehow her scream hit me to the core of my being and somehow was giving me awful goose bumps.

It’s different when you see people hurt and you really care about them. I mean I cared about my classmates but your own family takes it to a whole new level. When our grandparents passed away it was only us two together, because our parents always were working. I also didn’t have any other siblings other than my cousin Rina.

I had to get there first! This can’t be happening! This can’t be happening! Oh my…freaking!!!! Stop him! I had to stop him! NO!

“Stop!” I cried out desperately. “No!”

“AH!!!” Both Rina and Asakura Sensei were now screaming together.

“Ah shit!” Akira swore, seeing what was happening.

Will we make it?

Yuriko said something next to him, but I missed it.

“So…tired…can’t go…on,” I heard Yumi gasp. She sounded like she was going to have a heart attack. She’s covered in sweat from hanging on desperately.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Pump the air. I sucked in air and pumped my arms and legs as fast as I could. It wasn’t fast enough. I tried to pump faster, I forced my legs to go further but they were tired from going all day and felt like lead weights and the lactic acid was burning in my joints and muscles.

He was fast and he was trying to run at Rina and Asakura but I was closer to them. My feet lurched out and I started running towards them. Actually I was lucky I kept my balance on such a slick floor like that.

But it wasn’t much good to try to stop Boss Pig Orc because he was so freaking big, beefy, ugly, and huge. His feet and legs were like tree trunks in girth and his arms were big too. Ironically his jagged obsidian crafted sword looked like a dagger in his hand because he was so big. He’s somehow mutated beyond just a pig orc, at least in terms of size.

“No!” Akira and Yumi both yelled at once. They looked for a place to run but they were cut off. The door to the roof was shut mysteriously…though it shouldn’t have been and the window wall siege was worse or about the same as bad as the pig orc boss.

Someone started throwing stuff at the huge pigfokker but he wouldn’t stop. I swung the axe blade out and somehow managed to trip him. He ended up sliding across the concrete floor face forward while his sword broke on the concrete. But while that made him only a bit less dangerous, he still didn’t have any damage. By tripping him he didn’t even have a scratch on himself, because of all the stored fat in his body cushioning the blows.

I hit him? Wow. No way! I broke his weapon?!

He hissed looking at me with pure evil and hate like I’d never seen in my entire life. It was almost like his bloodshot eyes were boiling with lava he was so mad. Then he made this wretched pig like squeal in some weird language that totally threw me off. Their language seemed and sounded so strange and animalistic, truly bizarre.

“Meat? What’s he want meat for?!” Yuta responded confused.

“What are you talking about Yuta?” someone said.

He said, “meat,” Yuta insisted.

At the time I didn’t realize what that meant.

“Huh? Just kill it,” Kenji said.

“Help Shun, please,” Asakura Sensei started pleading while crying at the same time. It took me a second to realize she wasn’t pleading to me, but pleading for the other students to help me face the big monster. She even started throwing things, rocks, debris, anything at the pig orc. Most of her throws were way off and missed but a couple of them connected but didn’t do much damage except shake his belly fat.

I’d never realized he could be that fast. His stomach rebounded back and forth crazily too when he did that. He almost hit me with a gut punch because I underestimated his speed.

Another couple of students had been sneaking up on him from his left and from behind, which he turned and screamed at freezing them in their tracks. Then before they could get close enough to bash him with their pipe clubs, he’d whipped his arm out with the broken half sword and stabbed one of the new fresh kids in the gut with what remained of his weapon. The kid landed sprawling on his back, and was hit so hard he couldn’t even scream. The arms of this big orc never stopped and it was a flurry of defensive maneuvers as he blocked and parried the other two kids while I tried to dodge attacks too.

But it looked like a good chance as any, and if he didn’t die I’m sure we would soon. Plus I had to save Rina and Asakura Sensei.

“No! It’s a trap!” Yumi yelled to me, when I advanced but it was too late. I could hear Yumi yelling my name. Her voice was getting closer but she was behind me and hadn’t caught up with me yet.

The orc punched me so hard I was thrown back. I was only saved by the fact that I’d tried to deflect a part of the force of the punch with the axe handle, which didn’t cushion the damage much and it wasn’t built for such things even with a good block. In the end my axe handle rebounding against me was what threw me. As things were it still hurt like crazy when the handle rebounded into my pain wracked ribs and somehow I found myself on my back tumbling over and over from the raw animalistic force.

“Get up! Get up! Move! Dodge or you die!” Akira called out to me. I rolled backward and to the side with the orc’s foot missing my skull by inches. So I kept rolling more and more as fast as I could get away with gore and jelly coating my back in icky slime. Then I hear more of his heavy feet slamming as he tried to flatten my skull while I continued to roll. It was close every time, and then I heard other people engaging him and Akira yell as he tried to stab it in the back.

Akira’s strike didn’t connect, but the length of the spear at least kept the orc from hitting him on the return counter. Still, he was shaken up by how fast the thing reacted to him, and how it saw him even though he thought he’d attacked from a blind spot.

“Wow. This guy’s a fighter,” he swore, referring to the orc pig thing.

The students were dying pretty fast with this thing.

As soon as I got back up to my feet, I saw him still hacking away at more students with that broken black glass weapon. Still even broken, it was effective. He even managed to cut off a student’s hand with the edge, though it was more like a bad mutilation and him partly tearing the hand off with both hands, and some icky broken teeth.

Maybe if that’s the way he fought it might explain his broken teeth…

The students were horrified by the way it, or he, fought. The attacks weren’t just attacks; they were vicious violent mauling that struck fear into their hurts. I could see their morale crashing by the second. Their panicking eyes were round and staring at it in unbelief while trying to figure out what to do. As a result they swung too choppy, and block like without getting balance and strength to their swings.

One girl acted like she’d already been defeated, though she was still trying to hang on. Remi, I think her name was, from my art class.

Then the pig spun around and started to choke another student, while dripping spit and mouth bile on the floor. He was staring at Remi and then reached out and ripped her shirt open without stopping to choke the older kid whose face was rapidly turning blue. Remi tried to cover up and back away but was fighting to get out of its grip while it reached out and with its putrid slimy tongue licked the whole side of her face in some kind of euphoria.

“No!” she screamed. “Kill me first! Don’t let it violate me!” she pleaded.

Ironically that made more students even mad. Remi was popular in a lot of sports groups. And her cup size wasn’t bad either, while they bounce around from her struggling as it’s got hold of her.

My true worry was if he’d think of using Remi as a shield against our weapons. That would be bad but it seems for now he has other plans for her in his unrelenting grasp.

The pig orc was hit by more thrown chairs and objects just enough to distract it and finally someone had a clean hit that scored blood. A homemade pipe spear by one of the judo kids connected with its gut and punctured the belly fat, but because of the heavy weight of the pig orc the kid was rebounded to be knocked back on the ground.

The orc then having stolen the pipe spear squealed in delight, realizing it was metal and used it to crush the kid’s head leaving blood spatter everywhere.

“Oh shit, you guys just gave him a metal weapon! Dammit!” Akira moaned loudly.

“Morons! It’ll be tough to kill even without it!” Yuriko bawled. “My …hands …hurt so …bad. Blisters.”


“Oh dang, that’s metal?! Ohhhhh mannnn!”

“Dodge! Look out!”

We kept fighting but this guy was like a dump truck. Sometimes we’d hit him and his fat absorbed the blow. He’d absorbed some pipe club blows and somehow danced awkwardly around some of the other blows.

“He’s got to go. If we don’t get him down too many of them will get in,” Yumi said nodding at the barricade. While we were engaged with the boss, the judo kids had to take over the defense of the barricade by themselves. They were also losing badly. I hadn’t seen it till now but there were now two combat zones where our people were getting killed.

The concrete was now wet and painted red and green with blood.

Even though there were rumors of criminal elements in the judo clubs I felt badly for them for dying so valiantly in our defense.

Akira and I stepped up again, knowing it was going badly. Yuriko took a full hit on her desk shield from the orc to protect him and was knocked on her back with very little damage, but she was momentarily stunned and had the air knocked out of her. She gazed in surprise suddenly seeing that the orc had shattered the wooden crosspiece of the desk.

“What? How?” she gasped for air.

So we countered and Akira’s spear finally bit in the thing’s massive bicep, forcing it to drop the pipe spear, which someone kicked out of the way right before they were smashed into the floor and stomped on.

“We got him!” he yelled, and several kids started cheering.

It was too soon to cheer. They were naive. I can see its already moving. Now the boss pic orc is madder than he was before with thick veins on his skull that strain from pressure and he’s already countering, and so I watched for his counter swing timing my axe strike. He’d countered every time someone got a good hit in him and I guessed this was probably similar to before. Akira was punched across the floor and dropped his spear.

“Shun…we…are at…our limit,” Yumi wheezed. The others looked the same.

“Shun, save us!” Asakura cried out from behind us.

That terrified me more though, because I knew Akira living and keeping his spear was key to the defense. It he, myself, or Yamamoto Sensei were cut down I think the whole defense ring would probably even collapse. People weren’t indestructible and they were hurting badly right now. They were already demoralized from so many judo club people dying uselessly with no effect to their attacks.

We keep fighting. We’re trying to hang on. A few more minutes of desperation pass.

“Oh no!” Miss Asakura pleaded, while trying to throw more building debris. She was crying like crazy too.

But the counter, counter strike barely worked. I could see the orc’s eyes widen as he saw my axe blade coming down. He even tried to retract his arm in time. I was aiming for his massive bicep trying to hit where Akira’s previous wound had hit, but because his arm was being retracted it did throw my trajectory off partially. So instead the strike hit him clean at the elbow, biting deep and maiming his fatty arms. As he shook and tried to get away it made his arm flap eerily at the piece of joint that was barely hanging there.

“You got him!” Akira gasped.

The orc was stunned in intense pain while the other students were raining blows on him now, trying to desperately live. It’s a hit in a point critical to his being able to fight so he’s slowed down to a crawl for a bit. He even fell to his knees and moaned a long piggy howl that carried and echoed through the halls of hell school.

“Eh? He’s got the nerve to start crying when he’s trying to hurt us?” Remi said in shock.

“What right does he have to cry?!” some student screamed, while stabbing it with glass at his own expense. His own hand was cut while the pig orc broke and snapped his neck like a twig. Unfortunately the glass didn’t puncture his belly fat very far and had just made him mad.

Then the orc stood back up, and looked re-energized somehow. He called out and shouted a challenge in the air that sounded like, “Bwueeeeeeeeehhhh!!!!!!!” long and loud. The roar is so terrifying that it again demoralizes people. It also filled the nearby radius with vast spittle rain and bad breath of a carnivore.


“Second wind?!”

“No way!”

“That’s cheating!”

“Did he just get his strength renewed?!” someone yelled.

The orc then laughed at us, even while some of them were stabbing it.

I grabbed Akira’s spear and then tossed it to him while dodging the orc’s swings. I tried to cut at it, but I had to be careful since it had taken a liking to my axe. If the other students weren’t distracting it I probably would have been attacked just for the chance to steal it.

“Stop him!” someone screamed.


“Castrate the pigman!”

“Even if you say that, he’s like two hundred pounds heavier than us,” someone whined.

I again this time had a different idea and tried to rile up Akira. “I got an idea. Make a distraction for me!”

“O-ok!” he then got ready and sprang forward using all his strength to land a blow at the orc that was trying to focus his strength in his left arm since his right arm was now mangled. It laughed and then kicked at Akira, who was now down for the count. The orc’s leg had connected with Yuriko’s second recently salvaged shield just in time to save Akira’s life, but she’d been knocked into him and both were down. Yuriko was at least conscious but Akira had hit his head and was knocked prone.

“Save Akira!” Asakura screamed, while she dashed forward to pull Akira by the arm before the orc could try to crush his rib cage with his foot.

The orc couldn’t resist a finishing blow and I’d counted on that. But his defense was too good while attacking near his chest or head so instead I’d swept horizontally and low aiming for his other leg, which was supporting his whole weight while the other was kicking.

He screamed again as the axe blade made his knee joint pop and his blood was gushing all over. It sent him on his back and he hit the ground hard while the student’s cheered. He was still alive though and deadly.

We celebrated too soon and with his remaining good hand he bashed another student’s skull in killing him instantly. Then he killed another. If anything he was more ferocious.

“Shun! You wounded him!” I can hear Rina gasp behind us.

Why isn’t she on the roof?

“Back away! He can’t move very quickly, let him tire out,” Kenji yelled.

“I don’t know if we’d be that lucky for him to just bleed out,” Yuta contested him wearily.

We ended up with a ring while he was on his knees but now that it was even more defensive for the next twenty minutes nobody could land a blow. We were also fighting on empty, and people looked like they knew we’d lose.

Suddenly the orc’s left hand grabbed something. It was Yamamoto Sensei’s neck, who had snuck in from the back hallway and carrying something. But he’d gotten too close to the pig orc boss without realizing it. He was trying to gurgle something while being strangled to death, and holding a glowing paper bag in his hand. I could see he was intensely trying to keep the bag balanced in his grip and inch by inch slowly moved it towards the orc’s face.

“No! Sensei!”

“No! Save him!”

“Not Baldy Sensei!”

Kids were already bawling seeing what was about to happen. Wait a minute…was something lit inside that bag? Paper bags don’t glow unless…they are on fire? I had a really bad feeling…Yumi and I ducked down just in the nick of time as I pulled her shield desk over us.

Just as the orc snapped his neck the paper bag exploded flames and smoke everywhere.

What happened to Remi anyway? I didn’t see her before the explosion after she was grabbed by the boss pig orc.

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