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Kidnapped to Another World

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

One of the girls, that was being held down suddenly without warning bit down hard on the wrist of one of the boys holding her arms as hard as she could and screamed. The boys that had been holding her struggled while she kicked and screamed even more for help. She was fighting for her life, and the boys were trying to stop her and get recovered.

It was also obvious she was about to be raped.

And the boys look like they were in some kind of drug haze.

We could see the boy cry out, while blood was all over his arm from how hard the girl bit, and her mouth was now all bloody too as he shook her off. There were a couple of other girls too that they’d started this with, in other places of the room.

Oh my hell…what was going on with these people! How could they be animals?! They killed a teacher!

There was no other way. If I hesitated now, Miss Asakura and Yumi would end up like these girls and I’d end up like Noru Sensei. I would have to be forceful, and without mercy. If I were to let them dominate the situation I’d regret it for the rest of my life.

So I leaped forward and swung the fire axe into the chest of the boy on the right. There was a sick thumping and squishing sound and I wanted to cry. The blood spatter went everywhere too. I didn’t want to hurt anybody but there was no other choice. The other boy that was being bit by the girl let go, and looked at me stunned. Immediately it was like I’d smashed open a watermelon and blood was everywhere. It was also the sound of like a huge sponge having water squeezed out of it quickly.

Then the whole room stopped. The boys let go of the girls and the girls were running out of the room while only a few boys ran with them.

“Now, who started this? And where is my sister, Rina?” I asked staring them down. The axe was stuck in his rib cage at first and I had trouble getting it out because it had bit in so deep.

There was a long silence. No one spoke.

“Where the fuck is Rina?!” I yelled.

Some of the boys looked kind of pitiful. Nobody was speaking up.

I pulled the axe out of the kid that was bleeding to death finally after another try. Arterial spray covered a dozen of the kids from where the fire axe was sticking out of his rib cage. It was hard to pull it out and his ribs creaked while he tried to gulp for air like a fish.

“If someone doesn’t tell me where Rina is and let her go to my right now. Every one of you fuckers is going to have this axe in your chest too!”

I didn’t plan to do this, but it’s like if you make a good threat you can avoid maybe 90 percent of the battles. I just needed them to see that we should be avoided and we’d go on our way after getting my cousin…err sister.

The kids were scared and nobody knew what to say. That told me more than they realized. Whoever had Rina, they were afraid of. If you are afraid to tell someone who just offed a gangster in front of you something, then that meant whoever had Rina must logically also be the one that killed Noru Sensei.

“Who killed Mr. Noru? Which one of you was it?” I asked.

The wounds on Noru Sensei, also were consistent with stabbing marks more than any kind of earthquake debris. It was obvious he’d been slain. Plus, he had defensive wounds on his hands, and arms.

After a few seconds one of the girls started to speak but one of the boys hit her and tried to shut her up. He was also one of the boys that was assaulting girls. By trying to prevent the girl from not just talking, but also leaving the room, I’d finally spotted him as an accomplice though. Now I could zero in on him to get him to talk. He was also trying to protect the gang leader or whoever it was.

So with no warning, I swung the fire axe down and chopped his hand off, where he’d kept it ready to grab the girl, but with it hanging down on top of the desk to try to be subtle. And the way he was trying to block the desk access totally setup his own hand on a makeshift chopping block. Plus I think I got in a lucky hit to be honest. I wasn’t that great at this kind of thing and today is my first time on a chopping spree. The cut wasn’t clean and it just exposed broken neck vertebrae and pulsing arteries that were mangled.

I’m not used to seeing shit like that and I almost barfed, but held on knowing our lives depended on me not showing any weakness.

Now the girl was covered in blood that he was spraying on her, and he screamed while running from the room. His eyes were so big in shock that it looked like a goldfish.

“Last chance before I start cutting off heads, where is Rina!” I said.

“Yo-you shouldn’t hurt anyone,” Miss Asakura started to say, but she was interrupted by Yumi, “Unless they deserve it!” she fumed.

“Sensei they were trying to rape girls,” she protested.

“Ah…yeah as a teacher I can’t condone violence, but what am I supposed to do when we’re the ones in danger,” Miss Asakura is trying to figure out what to do while she says it aloud.

Yumi was glaring at Sensei. “You aren’t going to let them have their way with us are you Sensei?”

“Oh, you’re right. Yeah, OK, Shun, only hurt the ones that deserve it,” Sensei said fearfully finally but still acting confused.

“Sensei?” Someone cried out in shock. They didn’t expect an answer like that.

The kids didn’t answer but then I saw some of them were turning their heads towards the back of the room.

A lot of the students were standing in front of something going on in the back of the room. I’d have to be careful I wasn’t swarmed.

“You and you,” I pointed to two of the most heavily beat up kids. I picked them because they had the worst time from the bullies that were assaulting the girls. They looked like they’d gone to hell and back by how beat up they were. “Clear the way and help me get Rina out of here. If you don’t you’ll be missing hands like that other guy.”

Yumi and Sensei were too shocked to say anything, but at least none of the kids were willing to go near them since they were clearly with me.

The two scared kids started to go right for the back, pushing kids out of the way. Then they finally made a breach in the wall of bodies big enough to get through revealing the back of the room.

Slowly the kids parted the way and I saw a kid try to run away from the back of the room where a girl was crying out in pain and despair. He’d pulled away from her and it looked like he’d been trying to get her clothes off. I knew he was trying to get away. Plus he’d revealed himself to be the perpetrator by his lack of clothes. Luckily his pants were still on, I sighed inwardly.

Still…I’d have to chop it off, so other girls would be safe… But if I’d been even a second later…his shirt was gone and his belt was open, and his socks and shoes were gone. He was some kind of punk guy with earrings and a haircut that looked like a lawnmower had attacked him.

He tried to circle and hide behind some other students but I followed his movements. He ducked again and again behind other kids trying to use them as meat shields while I hounded him. First he ran to the left, ducking again. Then he faked or tried too, and went to the right. The game of tag kept going as he faked left and right looking for openings.

People are intently watching too, but not all for good reasons. If I act clumsy they may try to take the axe from me. But some also are victims waiting for justice while wiping away the tears from their terrors.

This guy, he was tall enough, and I hadn’t figured that into things. He kicked out at me, hitting me in the gut, but because he was so far away he only grazed me. If he hadn’t been scared of the axe he’d have been trying to finish me off. But I’d anticipated he wouldn’t go down without a fight. So instead of chopping at him from above, I’d swung up from below to counter him.

He dodged while the air whirred with the force of the axe blade swung up so hard. This showed he had fighting experience by the way he maneuvered though. I managed to keep tight control over it though, as he tried to then rip it from my hands unsuccessfully. But I wasn’t done with my attack and kicked out with my left feet hitting him in the sternum and he flipped backward onto the floor. I’d planned that move too, knowing that if I missed he’d go for the axe.

This guy was a hardened criminal, sneaky, and used to fighting. I was lucky I didn’t have the axe pulled right out of my hands. Also I didn’t like this situation but they were trying to attack girls. Plus they were gang members.

Then he was gasping for air to try to get away. I tried to go in close but instead, he threw a heavy chair at me, which glanced off my shoulder.

Then he tried to rush me, even though he couldn’t breathe. He tried to use the chair as a club, which I parried with the axe handle, which was long and solid. There was a solid clank, as it rebounded and he swung again and again.

The students were getting restless seeing that he was trying to gain ground over me.

“You can’t let him win Shun! If we’re really on another planet…,” I heard Yumi cry out in anguish. “If he wins none of the girls will be safe.”

Her cry sent chills up my spine.

Again and again he swung the chair down against me with all his might and with crazy force with each blow. He rebounded it against the blow from my axe handle which I used to parry for several minutes. But with each swing he was getting more bold and wild, thinking he would get me. He was trying to push me, and make me afraid but I knew what he was doing and what he planned to do.

He was trying to use overwhelming force, but it was going to tire him out faster. I was conserving my strength on purpose. In part, because swinging the heavy and blocky chair meant he was making his swings predictable. You can’t swing something like that without revealing which area of the body you were going to swing it against.

That only made it easier for me to parry.

But something else unexpected happened. I heard someone run up behind me. Apparently he wasn’t alone. One of his buddies swung at me from behind with a chair where my head had been and I ducked really low letting it go over me.

Wow that was close! I felt the wind go over my head as it barely missed me.

That was distracting though because it made the guy in front of me even bolder. I had to then twist and move so they couldn’t be going at me from in front and behind and to manipulate which side of me was facing both of them. It meant trying to keep both in front and I dodged a couple swings and then came in from the side, while the spectator students were trying to stay out of swinging range of all of us.

Some of them tripped over each other, even while they were swinging at me.

But we were all surprised by what happened next. The two kids who had been beaten to a pulp by these guys wanted revenge pretty badly and were in a lot of pain. So they together started smashing the second guy with metal chairs together, teaming up on him.

Both of them were crying while they smashed chairs over and over into that guy, who was trying to scream. His screams were interrupted by his head being smashed into, which made it harder for him to scream even while I parried the primary assailant in front of us.

But that guy was tiring out now. His eyes were desperate too.

“She- she rejected me when I confessed to her last year! It’s her fault! She lured me and tried to make me do this on purpose! It’s her fault!” He yelled desperately.

Was he crazy?! That was his reasoning and justification?! What a lunatic! I didn’t bother to respond. I had to stop him. It was just pure justification and shifting the blame on others. I’d seen others try that too.

He was heaving and breathing harder than before now and kept at it, but by now the chair’s legs were all bent up. Nobody would be sitting in it anytime soon.

Finally he tried to extend himself too far and I saw my opening. It was the perfect opportunity, and he was too tired to recover from his swing quickly.

The axe blade crunched into his arm, severing it only partway while he screamed so loud that half the school had to have heard that. There was a mess of both broken bone bits and shredded mangled flesh with blood pulp spatter. Then I did a follow up swing after he fell forward and his head rolled off onto the ground. It was so messy after that. When you sever someone’s head you wouldn’t believe how much blood spatter it creates. The whole floor of the room was rapidly getting covered with blood.

I was defending women, I reasoned to myself. It was justified. But the look of the arm tissue hanging there was so gross I wanted to puke.

The students wouldn’t talk, or say anything. No one did. It was deathly quiet.

But it was too early to celebrate. I approached the girl in the back with a lot of fear.

After getting closer I cried out in pain realizing it was Rina. She was alive, but naked from the waste up. B sized cup boobs were fully rounded and wide there handsomely poking out. They’d been trying to shuck her pants off, but had struggled with the belt she had on. It’d probably saved her from what would have been next. She thankfully still had her panties on, and they’d only gotten her pants down a few inches to expose her underwear color.

If we’d gotten here any later it would have been super bad.

Rina was out cold I think. Too tired and sick to even know what happened I think. I don’t know but I think she had like a combination of mental stress overload, her condition flaring up, and also being overpowered and hitting her head.

“Yumi, I need you now. Please,” I said. “I have to cover us, so you need to help Rina for me while I cover our retreat with lethal force. Get her dressed as fast as you can.”

Yumi and Sensei rushed over and tried to get her clothes back on. They hurriedly got the belt and pants back up and then secured her shoes and socks. I glared at all the students around us, to make sure no one even moved in our direction. The flames of the fire gave me just barely enough light to tell what was going on.

“Uh, her shirt is…completely shredded. What do we do?” Yumi asked.

“That means that guy has a knife. Take it, and if he tries anything he’s next to be put under my axe. Find the gangster kid’s knife for me. Fast!” I barked at the two beat up kids that had helped us. They began rummaging through the pile of blood and picking through it, while I turned to look at Rina.

I tossed them my uniform jacket. Yumi didn’t have hers, so it was a natural thing to ask, since she couldn’t give her the one she had.

“You can also give her the gangster kid’s shirt, though it’ll be a bit big. We need to get out of here fast,” I barked.

Rina also got a new hat. It was a baseball cap with funky gang symbols drawn onto it. After putting it on her and securing her she had her shoulders looped over Yumi and Sensei’s. She was starting to look like a gangster girl, but at least that was better than looking like easy pickings.

“There’s a wallet here? Do you want it?” one of the kids asked, holding up something covered in something that looked like strawberry syrup with a funny deep color.

Earth money won’t be any use if we’re really on another planet with two moons.

“No, just the knife. Also who else here helped him?” I wanted to know…and now.

“They ran off. They knew they were in trouble when they saw that fire axe. That’s one of the gangs that’s been here recently. Everyone thought they were so quiet lately but maybe they were just waiting for something like this to happen so they could take advantage of the chaos,” one of the kids said.

“Can someone confirm what you just said…you guys watching them do that doesn’t make you very believable, I responded.

The two beat up kids both cried out, “we tried to help. That’s why they beat us. Now both me and Kenji have black eyes so bad we can barely see five feet in front of us. They were going to kill us next, and would have if you hadn’t shown up,” one of them said crying in shame and wiping snot from his nose.

“Please take Yuta and me with you. Here’s the knife by the way,” the other said, presumably Kenji. It took them awhile to find the knife because of the blood.

“Huh?” I said dumbfounded.

“Well the school isn’t safe right? Let’s get the hell out of here, before that guys goons come back. They have more friends in the engine repair class. They might come back with them.”

“Hmm, thanks for the heads up. Ladies let’s go. Kenji please take the desk torch…thing whatever it is carefully and you guys lead us to the wood shop. We need everything sharp we can get our hands on and then we’re out of this place,” I said boldly.

“Don’t you want the knife?” Kenji asked again.

“Not yet. I want you to hold it for me just for now, and watch our backs and help me get us out of here fast. By now the whole school knows there’s no law and order anymore.”

“How fast is the wood shop again?” Yumi asked heaving as she and Sensei were holding up Rina. By now Rina’s eyes were open, but she was sleepy eyed and barely conscious.

“Oh…what a nightmare…” she croaked.

“Yeah, but we’re not going to let anything else happen,” I said.

“Uh, before they come back…hurry to the wood shop. That guy has a lot of friends,” Yuta said quickly and nervously. He was already looking out of the class into the hall.

“Whoever is coming with us better not cause trouble or they’ll be put down. As the second in command, I’ve got my eyes on you,” Yumi said.

Wow. I hadn’t expected her to take charge like that…

Turning around I saw few kids were following us. They were scared I realized. But I didn’t know which ones I could trust and which ones I couldn’t. That complicated things. I also couldn’t tell which ones had just let bad stuff happen…but it was also true that some of them were innocents too.

How would I know who to trust?

Who do I take with us? And who do we leave behind?

Also anyone not under my leadership would want to ditch someone slowing us down like my sister. So I have to be clever and keep the group small.

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