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The Life Wizard

LW – Chapter 1

Life Wizard Chapter 1




“Is the chamber ready?” a man asked another group of people manning the chamber.

“It is but…I don’t understand why we’re doing this,” one said.

“Trust the system. This is a good thing,” the first said.

“But he’s technically innocent and we know it.”

“That’s precisely why we have to do it. To keep him innocent we have to put him in an environment with adversity like the others. We’ll let him grow. And he’ll be growing away from the bad influence of the others. Also you can keep an eye on him from time to time,” the first said.

“How often can I check on him?” she asked.

“Well…if you check on him too often they’ll notice and find him. So you have to admittedly space it out.”

“Isn’t that an F class world?That sure isn’t fair.”


“That’s bad right?”

“Not always.”

“You sound evasive. Brad says F stands for F—ed,” the one said.

“Brad is wrong sometimes.”

“Now always.”

“It is a schedule F world. But its got a smooth steady decline slope before it ends. There’s still a lot of time before it goes. Its barely in the classification of schedule F,” the first guy said.

“OK. Anyway the chamber is ready. We can activate the transport at any time. We’ll put him inside while asleep. Then also we’ll condition his memory to not remember this place to help him accept his new life,” the second said.

“Wait! He’s supposed to have a guide! Without a guide he’ll be lost!” the third figure with them, was a woman.

“He will have a choice of guides. We’ve also included a status screen magic activation chip that will start up after he gets there. This will activate a guide to be summoned also,” the first said.

“But you deactivated the destructive elements right?” the fourth, also a woman asked in panic.

“Yes,” the first said tiredly. “We’ve deactivated the destruction elements in his magitek system. But we had to include some positive ones. And we can’t leave him without any magitek or it would be too hard to bear.”

“That’s fine, as long as he’s not defenseless. But can you also put in something that will ‘encourage him to be good’?” The fourth asked.

“Oh! That’s a good idea! I like it! What do you have in mind?”

“That would help him avoid the temptation of his family line,” another said.

That brought out a somber tone in the others.

“Yes. The family line definitely will be a temptation. I agree with curbing the destruction elements of his magitek system,” another said.

“If he makes good choices, his status screen system could incur bonuses to promote a more wholesome direction. Also we could give him quests, make him think he’s doing secret missions for us,” the fourth said.

“Won’t that be steering the ship too much?” one asked.

“No. We’re not making his choices for him. We’re only letting him see the consequences of his choices early. You have no idea how lucky he is to see this right away instead of later on.”

“But part of adversity means that they shouldn’t have access to us? And you’d mentioned checking on him sometimes,” the second said.

“Right. We can do that with anonymity still, without revealing ourselves.”


“I have a plan right here. See?” she held up her status screen monitor.

“Oh?! Like that? I like it. Let’s do it!” the first said.

“Can I activate the transportation beam yet?” the second asked tiredly.

“Almost. I’m injecting the modifications now,” the third said while there’s a sound of her activating some kind of high tech gas pricked needle into the patient they are all working on.


“Injection complete. I’m confirming now that its working. You can now activate the transport beam,” the third confirmed.

“Engage!” the first ordered.

A woosh of high tech energy washed over the area as their transport tube was activated.

The patient in a coma state was now gone.

“I wish there had been another way. Its got to be so hard to go live in a mortal plane,” one said.

“It is heartbreaking. That’s why we had to cloud his memories on where he came from.”

“Won’t it crush him to live in an F class world?”

“It could… there’s always some danger.”

“It must be awful there. People die, suffer, and experience war in worlds like that.”

“That’s why they call it a telestial world.”

“That’s hard.”

“Can he really make it? This is so hard for him. And knowing that makes me worry also.”

“Its the only way…”

“Right… if only there was another way.”

“There’s a loop hole…” one said.

“What kind of loop hole?”

“His choices. If he makes good choices there can be subtle changes to make his life easier. Don’t forget that.”







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