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EC – Chapter 4

The Vault, Day 3



I’m safe but a bit bored to be honest.

Because I don’t know the ‘spawn rate’ of the zombies I can’t really go far from the room. And I don’t even know if they are ‘spawned’ or if there’s a whole cavern full of them with endless numbers. Until I can find out more there’s no way to tell.

I have confirmed that more of the rusty red brown-ish lava rocks will usually work like flint and steel when I use them against the steel door to create sparks.

I practice this a few times, scoring the rocks against the doors. I can now consistently create good sparking enough to possibly build a fire if I have a source of wood. Yesterday and today I worked on this a bit to practice the technique.

I’ve also been practicing push ups and sit ups but only in the morning. I try to use my mental toughness to calm myself to figure this out long term.

All I can tell is…I’m pretty sure I got XP from each zombie kill. But I don’t know how yet to see that XP or use it yet. I’m sure there’s something though.

The way I figure it, I have to be careful of energy expenditure because the half of a sandwich probably isn’t enough calories for an entire day.

I’ve thought of other things to try as well.

I tried other bits of stone to see if they’d spark with steel, and they won’t usually except for one type that I think is a type of quartz but I’m not entirely sure. You wouldn’t believe how many types of rocks I tried doing this on.

Also another idea hit me while I was working on this.

I’ve been collecting glass shard like pieces to sort of bang out into spear and arrowhead points. If I do this I can build weaponry like spears, arrows, and so on. But the problem will be how to get a good piece of wood shaped like the spear body to lash the spear point too. I don’t have a way of securing and lashing them together after obtaining a piece of wood like this either.

So I still have a few problems.

Problem #1; food and water

(But as long as the electricity works out for my concrete cottage then I don’t have to worry too much about food storage…well to a certain point.)

I’d also thought about trying to see if I can follow electrical parts outside the concrete room and follow them, but I can’t yet do that while there’s zombies.

It seems that if I bite into the sandwich or go to sleep there isn’t a free sandwich re-spawned into the fridge either. This was alarming. I have to ration my food (which I’ve done, the sandwich has been cut into sections divided up).

So I have to be smart.

And my stomach feels a bit like its turning inside out.

This morning something weird happened though.

This being the third day, a zombie appeared like the first two days. However, unlike those first two days, there were two zombies this time and not just one!

What does it mean?

Will they keep going up in numbers?

This is so confusing…why is there two? Will there always be two of them after this? And will the numbers keep increasing?

I killed them like the others in the same way of luring them and stabbing the shivs through the slot into their eyes but it took a full hour this time since there were two of them. It took about four times as long with two of them because with them bumping into each other it was harder to line up shots.

This worries me.

What will happen?

Will it keep increasing?

Or is this just a fluke, or random?

And this time the second zombie out of the two was a bit smaller than the other one. It almost looked like it was the height and weight of a starved teenager. But I think that both…well all of the zombies that I’ve encountered so far have been humans.

Am I even on Earth still?

I had thought I wasn’t before, but I couldn’t rationalize why I’d felt that. So now I’m second guessing it.

Somehow I remembered that’s where I’m from.

Wait…did I remember because of getting XP?

What else will I remember if I keep killing zombies?

Somehow I have to figure out how to get out of this place, but to do that I need light. I’ve also figured out that once I can get out of here, I could probably try to figure out where my water and electrical lines are coming from and follow them to their source.

Maybe at that point I could find other people?

Without light going around blind would be stupid and suicidal.

I’ve confirmed that something about this area makes anything that dies or is biological here, melt into the floor. Every dead zombie and all of their matter is gone.

My fridge seems to be a normal min-fridge. Nothing new has spawned on it. I also don’t see a manufacturing tag for its maker.

Tonight before going to sleep I’m going to eat my last part of the sandwich that I’ve saved. I’ve also already finished off the can of soda pop. The bottled water I filled back up and put in the fridge. Apart from that, the fridge is completely empty.

I have to save my energy and sleep as much as possible while I figure out my options.

This isn’t good.

And…who am I?

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