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The Life Wizard

LW – Chapter 14!


Chapter 14




I could only sleep very little. It was a light sleep that night, twisted in worry and anxiety over when the goblins were coming back.

I know that goblins would come back. Of course they would.

But when? When was the question?

Then I thought I’d have to think about what kinds of units and numbers they’d respond with.

I didn’t care too much for the giant hornet monsters, but I’d rather have them as neighbors than the goblins, as they hadn’t pointed all their enmity at me. the giant hornets at least had some sense of co-existing with their environment. Goblins did not.

But still when I woke up this morning I had found that there were 11 giant hornets caught in my traps. There was also several goblin stealthers. Its possible that the giant hornets followed the goblins. But another possibility was that the other food sources for the giant hornets weren’t doing well, and they’d had to come up here.

The goblin stealthers was a different story. They were obviously here for mischief and possibly assassination. It wasn’t hard to spot them anymore because sometimes they’d try to use their stealth skills while in the traps and I’d see a flicker of magic, but then it’d fail. And also the goblin stealthers had a tendency to dress certain ways, favoring simpler thinner clothes and protective gear that wouldn’t make noise. Some of their gear was even pretty good.

The stealth skill is nullified when they are caught in my traps it seems. But some of them had almost gotten loose.

I hurriedly worked at dispatching them, the goblin stealthers first. No doubt they’d come to spy on my defenses. And I couldn’t take any chances on not dispatching them quickly. So for now my priority would be to dispatch stealthers first, then their archers, then the regulars, and then finally any leaders or high leveled goblins in my traps.

But as I’m working to dispatch them, I’m amazed at how many health points they have! These things must be at least level 20!

Uh oh…

That’s not good if they have really high level troops like that here, I thought.

I’d need to up my game.

Still it was interesting as a challenge to be a one man army mage holding back an army. It was even kind of cool to think about. With my skills, my options were basically to be a mountain in a sea of adversity punishing anything that came at me.

By 7:29 AM, I’d finished off the goblin stealthers that were caught in my traps from last night. It was honestly amazing that I’d caught so many. Just having stealth skills doesn’t make them immune to traps. And the plant vine traps could sense them being there, despite them having their ‘stealth’. I then did the giant hornets, and finished those by 7:37 AM.

But now that I think of it, the skill for stealth and the skill to not accidentally set off traps would be different skills. ‘Remove traps’ maybe?

My mana tank is full…

Rather than jump right into breakfast, common sense tells me I can spend some mana, and then go eat while its regenerating.

I began to put up several more improved traps.

But already I’m planning for if the goblins decide to try to use fire here. (And that means I need to use the create water skill more to practice it.) In fact, its reasonable that one of the only strategies they could employ to try to fight back in sieging me would be to bring up first more troops, but also fire and try to burn me out.

With -60 mana cost per trap set up and my current stats…

Health; 139/226
Mana; 786/786
Stamina; 1922/200
Health regen; 12 per day
Mana regen; 100 (hourly)

I can now put down 2 improved traps per hour. But to grow them into an actual hedge wall that can snag and snatch at things coming by it is a different story.

I can practice 10 fire waves per hour. I can practice roughly close to 10 create water spells also. All of my skills improve by practice. So I don’t have a choice in doing it this way.

Or I could put up temporary traps…but that’s a waste if nothing is here.

I’m going to be extra careful to avoid the giant hornets for awhile. I don’t want to stir them up after what happened with me baiting them against the goblins.

First I used my minor heal to bring my health bar up… 4 casts of minor heal means…

(-30 mana, +22 health)
(-30 mana, +22 health)
(-30 mana, +22 health)
(-30 mana, +22 health)

I’m now at 225/226 health, and 667 current mana.

I used item create to make a binoculars piece, with a telescopic lens sshape which I can use to look down the mountainside off the edge of one side of the meadow. But the down side is that I can’t look down to watch what the goblin do on most of the meadow. In fact its actually only a small area of land on the edge near the cliff and near the trail where trail comes up to my meadow plateau area.

And some of that also is because with my huge thorny vine trap walls, I’m cutting down my visibility the more of them I put up.




I felt someone stab me in the back! Shit! Fuck! Pain!!!

I reeled in agony, but then tried to get out of the way. I felt another attack whistle by my head. A back stab attack from a stealther! Somehoe he’d gotten through my traps!

A goblin stealther snuck up on me! He’d been here watching me the whole time but couldn’t attack during the night or earlier because I was surrounded by my traps! But when I’d left the enclosures to go check what’s going on down the mountain, he had an opening!

Really fast I’d taken (-42 damage)(-22 damage)(-19 damage) in a series of back stab combos including the initial damage! If I’d been anyone else I’d probably be dead by now.

Damn it!

I hurriedly blasted a root trap on him. He partially resisted, taking some damage. (-20 mana)(-7 health to goblin stealther). The damage was cheap, but this had push back which would keep him off me for a few seconds. He’s literally ripped off his feet by the vine armada that’s swallowed him up, and holding him fast. I rolled out of the way of his deadly black knives! Even while being grabbed he’d tried to use his remaining energy to slice me up.

But this guy is good. He slashed enough vines quickly to get partially lose. Then he’s moving towards me.

He tries to stab forward still. I dodge, and then use my skill to put down another trap, and then another!

He’s caught.

But he’s already cutting himself free! This guy is just so good with a knife!

Shit, shit,…shit….

I cut out with my katana slashing him and getting my shield up. (-19 damage to goblin)(I blocked one of his strikes also with the shield, which his attacks are clumbsier and encumbered because of his limbs being tangled up.)

He’s going to get free soon…already he’s less tied down than before! I also can’t let him get away and tell his friends, he found a way to beat me!

I hit him with a flame wave, though that’s also now ignited my trap lines!

Then I backed up and…

Whoosh! I hurriedly got my shield up to block several thrown knives he’d released at me all in a row. (Wow, he’s good!)

I activated four more root traps to box in the ignited trap in the middle. With this he can’t attack me. I used my make shift spears to stab at him several times. (I’d forgotten I had these, but I’d made them on one of the first days here.)

(goblin stealther -11 damage)

(goblin stealther -14 damage)

(goblin stealther -12 damage)

(goblin stealther -15 damage)

I hit myself with a heal (+22 health, -30 mana)

At this point he broke the spear, and is trying to cut himself free. I got out the next spear and began jabbing at him. He panics and then begans resisting and struggling more, he fails using his stealth skill (duh), because he’s tangled up.

I kept jabbing at him (I have 3 more spears). I tried to save the other spears for after he grabs this one, which I’m sure he’ll do. And like this I keep moving his health bar down. Then he got in a jab against my side, stinging me.

Things continued this way for awhile with him also incurring burn damage. But after awhile I used create water to keep the side traps from igniting in flames that are touching the edges of the burning trap.

We kept fighting for awhile…

Eventually I killed him. But its unnecessary waste of stats; my health bar specifically. And it’d been about 15 minutes fighting him, no joke.

Shit. What a bad way to start the morning, especially with a goblin wave of invaders incoming. He really got my health.

Its now about 8 AM.

Health; 119/226
Mana; 582/786
Stamina; 112/200
Health regen; 12 per day
Mana regen; 100 (hourly)

I used the first aid skill on myself. Then I used minor heal over myself twice.

Health; 173/226
Mana; 522/786
Stamina; 114/200
Health regen; 12 per day
Mana regen; 100 (hourly)

Huh? There’s a very minor stamina regeneration bonus from minor heal?! Wow, that’s interesting. I’ll have to see if I can grow the effect later. Stamina is the hardest to replenish. I’m pretty sure a normal heal isn’t supposed to do this though. Its a sort of back door cheat.

The assassin goblin has dropped some loot.

I collected 521 ris from him. He also had some kind of ring, but it looks grimy and dirty. He’s also got a rather sharp looking ‘Orc knife +3’. (This thing is nice…)

And orcs must live near here also, is now another worry. How else would the system identify this as a knife made by their culture?

I pocketed the goods.

But now I have to get ready to face the invaders. Looking over the edge of the cliff side by the meadow’s edge, I see that the goblins are organizing another war party. They have a whole camp that’s resting around a big bonfire a few hundred yards further down from the giant hornet nest; all of that further down hill and in the bottom of the elevation. Its not hard to identify it with the war bonfires they all have lit up over such a wide village area (or is it a town?)

But it looks like they won’t be ready for awhile.

‘Are they doing some kind of ritual ceremony?’

With the binoculars I can watch them pretty well, but its pretty far and they look like ants. I can see what looks like 3 shaman, with 1 of them being some kind of big boss, and the others all crowded around him and some kind of sacrificial altar. The shaman then pulled some bedraggled human villager over and put him over the altar.

Now he’s pulling out his knife in order to…

I pulled away from looking for a few seconds, as I didn’t want to see them kill someone. I didn’t need to see that. I knew he’d cut someone’s throat out though, on a non-goblin sacrifice.

But its proof they are vile filthy animals.

The crowd of goblins was now all over the altar feasting on the villager’s flesh in the goblin camp that I’m watching through the binoculars.

Huh, they eat the meat raw it seems. At least they do when they are hungry. Or possibly some of that is that they have to hurry and gobble it up before their neighbors covet the meat belonging to others. Shameless still.

What the hell kind of ritual was that?

They did something to it, but I don’t want to know what.

I left to go strengthen my defenses and get ready for the coming darkness.

What time will they come, I wonder? Or will they come in waves?

They will invade for sure. That’s an army they are putting together and mentally conditioning.

I put down 6 more improved traps, all in a tight formation that’s staggered to allow some path ways and connect with the others. And as always the placements of the improved traps are meticulous, to build on the continually moving design of my Hedge Maze, which eventually will be a hidden castle in a maze.

Now its starting to look like a small hedged garden area in the inner center area rooms, with hedge bush like walls (monstrous hedges that is).

I still don’t have a fully intact wall around the entire perimeter, because of expanding one side that’s unfinished; but that’s besides the point. I will get to that point with several inner full walls inside the maze, but if I have the outer wall with no openings they will just be faster to destroy the man killing thorn wall trap hedging units.

I’m starting to get some hallways made with lots of turns in them to confuse you. But its not very far yet. To be ready, eventually it needs to be quite large and huge with hundreds of turns and alley ways all over the place to get you lost while trapping you.

I may even end up with multiple entrances into the maze, to capture prey. But for that to be ready it has to be quite huge really.


Am I now currently the reverse of a dungeon lord now?

In theory I could tame some monsters to help me…right?

And I am a life wizard…

Eventually I’ll get there. I just need defenses up before I can experiment.

I shook it off but began being more careful. There could be other goblin stealthers around. In fact, I’m pretty sure there is. Sometimes I thought I heard noises but I can’t tell for sure. So I stay near my traps, which won’t eat me but will snatch up everyone else.

And what happened to my rabbit?

At 11:13 AM I found my rabbit’s guts and deformed destroyed fur from a goblin stealther having killed and eaten most of him. It looks pretty fresh, so I’m pretty sure there’s at least one other stealther here.

By 11:30 AM, the goblin camp is getting bigger. (Looks like they intend to gather strength before coming up here.)

This worries me now as there’s now at least 100 of them.

Damn it…

My mana bar is now up to…

Health; 207/226
Mana; 512/786
Stamina; 116/200
Health regen; 12 per day
Mana regen; 100 (hourly)

By 12 PM they still haven’t attacked.

So I laid down several more traps. But still checking them often.

I do have some advantage in that I can now put down about 2 improved traps per hour.

I put down 8 more this time, anticipating that the fight is coming soon.


Huh? What was that?


One of the stealther goblins broke his stealth screen and is now sprinting down the mountain side!

Why did he do that now I wonder…

Think, think, how do goblins think…?


Now I get it. The stealther probably is telling them that I’m getting stronger, and that they need to impede my putting down more traps!

That’s kind of crafty for him to realize that. I pulled out the binoculars to watch the stealther inform the head shaman.

The head shaman scowled, and looked up at me. (!!!) Shit. Did he see me?

No maybe not, this cliff facing is rather high and far out; but maybe is just pointing his enmity at me. I watched as the stealther is giving his report to the shaman, who then is throwing a massive murder tantrum. He evan slashed the face of a rookie goblin, and stomped on him until he died. Probably he’s telling the others they are nest if they don’t ‘get me’?

Looks like they are forming a patrol and intend to impede my ability to put down more traps.

I also need to put down more safe spots. The pit house can’t be my only safe spot. And I have to assume that the stealthers must have figured out where it was from watching where I came in and out of it. And ideally, I should alternate between them as the goblins try to ferret me out. And I could bounce from one to another.

I began digging a few holes to hide in that are much smaller, but a bit deeper. I intend to put bricks around the corners of these, and then cover that with a thin layer of dirt, so that the bricks can support a wooden lid with live sod on top. (Camouflage mini-bunker for 1 person.) It wasn’t hard to use the matter creation options in my skills to create and line these with bricks, but they are only about the size for 2 people to hide in curled up into a ball, when you put the hiding lid on top of them. But the camouflag is pretty good, after I used a rejuvenate to cover up the trample damage.

But I only have a few of them ready… ideally I want dozens of these hidey holes, all over the place but only in places where I know where they are at.

I did manage to reinforce growing a few of the traps into actual hedge wall traps also by this time, but not as many as I liked.

At 12:07 PM I heard the voice from earlier crying for help. But I can’t tell where its at, or how to get to it. And I have no communication equipment.

Sure enough at 12:12 PM I spotted another group of goblins coming up, marching up the valley. This time they’ve got shields and spears. There’s a group of a few archers also.

They started to confront the giant hornets right away.


I realized I was enjoying myself!

Wow…that’s odd.

At first, my first few days here I’d been struggling to survive. But now I was fairly comfortable actually! I enjoyed learning and developing more magic skills, and leveling up. But also I was enjoying trying to make the world a better place by getting rid of goblins. And I also realized I had some flare for tactics and military strategy.

It was the tactics and military strategy part that I was enjoying.

But I found that stunning because I considered myself a peaceful person.

Or maybe it was because I just liked interacting and using my brain to solve problems? Who knows?

The goblins briefly engaged the giant hornets. They even lost 2 goblins, bringing their total down to about 28 goblins. I shifted the binoculars back over to the main camp of goblins and frowned.

They are trying to bring in more goblins from down in the valley somewhere. I can see another terribly organized line of them wandering towards the camp, where the shaman is. This line is bigger than the line of the ones coming up to get me.

That part made me kind of unhappy. It means this will be a long term siege.

I sighed.

I needed some followers…I decided. I’m going to have to look at the create life skill more closely. Although I only hadn’t done this much so far because I’d been pressed hard with self defense problems.

But I also realized I could be more clever with my traps also.

Using the shovel I started cutting sod turf up from the meadow in sections. It was hard work…wish I had a skill for it. But I didn’t separate or fully cut the turf out. Instead I was peeling away a big sheathe of it!

This I gently started to roll up in a roll, like they do when you are laying sod and you have to move the pieces but don’t want to damage the sod.

I can’t help but nervously watch the minutes pass by. The platoon of goblins will be here soon, though it is a half hour walk from their camp, not counting the hornet mess they have to cross.

Within a few minutes I have a full sheet of sod. (I can replenish the sod where it came from with rejuvenate).

Then I had another problem how to move the sheet of rolled up sod without it coming apart. I now had a sheet that was about 10 feet long and 10 feet wide. I’m also severely out of breathe from working hard and fast to get it.


It won’t be ready in time. All I can do is hope to have it ready for the next patrol. I stopped working to come back to it later, as the patrol of goblins is approaching my fortified zone. I also checked my status screen.

Health; 206/226
Mana; 192/786
Stamina; 87/200
Health regen; 12 per day
Mana regen; 100 (hourly)

I’ll have to be careful in this fight…

The goblin line advanced, the shield units spreading out as they advanced. The goblin archers are in a line behind them. Already they are trying to shoot at me.

Shield up! I blocked several arrows. I’m standing at the front of my fortified zone, right between the two improved trap sets; the entrance. I also have a wide front open 20 foot wide zone here, to try to entice them to charge into it (but the traps still cover 100% of the zone, as they can reach about 10 feet wide with the vine tentacles that stretch out of the sides of the hedge walls of the trap.)

They unleashed another volley with me. Shield Up; I blocked four arrows this time. This shield is good sized, which is why they can’t get me.

The goblins seemed reluctant to march forward, but the patrol leader screams some profanities and murder promises at them.


Something flew at me from the corner of my eye! Its too late to block! No!!

But then I was surprised when the improved trap grabbed a thrown spear from a stealther goblin 90 degrees to my side, away from the main block of goblins.

Another stealther! Shit…I got lucky.

But then I’m shocked also when I start to see and smell smoke coming up. I turned my head to see that a second goblin stealther has a lit torch and has lit my pithouse on fire, back behind the front lines near the maze’s center! They’d been studying the lay out of my maze this whole time! I’d not killed off all the stealthers in my zone also!

“No!” I yelled in frustration.

The goblins are laughing at me.

I cast a root trap on the arson goblin. Now he’s panicking as he’s caught next to the very fire he started! He’s screaming for help! (-20 mana)


You will burn in your own enmity.

The spear stealth goblin ran towards him to try to help that guy, evading some of the wall traps (he must have mapped out blind spots in the way the hedge walls snare people). I snared him too with a root trap (-20 mana).

The main goblin force continued to try to pelt arrows at me, while their shield wall units create a hedge for laborer goblins to create a bonfire.

Ah…I’d anticipated this. They are trying to burn me out after all.

I blocked another arrow volley. There’s now a pile of arrows at my feet. But that’s realistic; nothing beats a kevlar shield. There’s no way crude poorly made goblin arrows would get through other world kevlar shield designs.

I pulled out the crossbow and carefully set it. The goblins are initially nervous as they don’t know what I intend to do.

(The one goblin is now burning along with my pithouse, because the trap he’s in caught fire also with him in it, as he’s screaming.)

I ran back towards him, which also is a different direction from the main goblins. And instead of putting out the fire I put the pile of wood I had in my time space item box into the fire also to fuel the flames burning him. And I reinforced the vines holding him, which were burning also.

That goes toast…he’s already going into shock.

Then I went over to the other goblin with a lit log and did the same.

Now I’ve got 2 burning stealther goblins, slowly dying. Their screams stopped when they went into shock.

But now I had to hurry and run back up to the main fortified zone because the main group of goblins almost has their bonfire ready. They are getting long spike stakes that resemble spears or lances ready to ignite the tips, and use them to burn up my fortifications, so they can attack me.

Only…they hadn’t counted on the idea that I might have a counter for that!

I ignited a big create water spell formula right above their bonfire instantly! (-10 mana) Then I did another one on two others (-10 mana)(-10 mana).

The goblins are dismayed as their hard work for the last fifteen minutes is going up in flames. I was also grateful that I’d been practicing that water technique in order to have the optimum volume.

But I’m nervous now too because the bonfire was too big to be entirely put out. Already the goblins are trying to salvage it and managed to pull the fire logs around the edges out. They are just now separating the fire remnants into two new fire pits now, while their boss screams at them!

(My pithouse is now burning pretty hard…)


I used a create water over the area around the pithouse to prevent the rest of the meadow being soaked. (-10 mana)

I also have an idea now that the amount of water created by this skill is about 5 gallons per level. Its not enough to really stop that blaze too much. Yet the volume isn’t bad either. Its getting there slowly.

But I realized I can cancel the spell of the one trap that’s burning, and with it take the fire with it. This made it so I didn’t have to use mana to put out the second fire. (And the goblin in it is already dead.)

I used another create water on the pithouse blaze just to be safe. Its now put out. (The meadow actually is a huge fire risk now that I think of it.)

I have to really conserve mana now.

The goblins now have 2 more fire pits they are making…

I casted two root traps on the goblins surrounding them! The goblins began screaming as I watched with a smile. The root trap is tied to the fire, so they’ll burn with the flames growing.

Their leader challenged me and is making a fuss, but I can’t understand their language. So instead I shot a couple crossbow bolts at him. I hit other goblins he was clustered around instead. But two of my shots missed with only one hitting.

They laughed at me for it. But I don’t care. (I don’t have a lot of crossbow bolts left by now…)

The root traps with about 7 goblin laborers in them is now on fire with the goblins inside them screaming for help.

Do I risk more mana?

But I do need to bust up the cluster of them to make them more manageable.

Ah what the hell. My mana is getting low but I need to scatter the goblins hard and early before they can mount an effective attack.

I put down two root traps onto their archers line, trapping them thoroughly.


The patrol leader screams in fury. And to my surprise he just went and slit the throat of another goblin who was probably arguing for them to withdraw. Instead of being happy, I’m not happy when that throat slit goblin dies, because it means he got the XP for it and not me.

The other goblins are reluctant to attack now and arguing about what to do. (They aren’t really trying to rescue the goblins caught in the traps…which surprised me. Instead they worry over self preservation more!)


I’ve made them pretty afraid.

Then they withdrew retreating about a hundred yards away from their previous position, and abandoning the goblins caught in my traps. One of them, a messenger is running down the mountain to probably send a report to the head shaman. (I don’t like that part, but its probably expected.) He must have used some kind of speed skill to bypass the giant hornets.

With the patrol of goblins retreated I went forward carefully with a spear and then began executing the trapped goblins. (They probably didn’t realize these were temporary traps and not the permanent ones. Otherwise they would have rescued their brethren.)

Still…I am a bit nervous about those shamans showing up. When they do I’ll have a tough time, as it will then be a magic battle, and I still don’t have a lot of techniques.

Within a few minutes, I’d executed about 13 goblins from this platoon. They now are demoralized and going back down the hill.

And as expected they had a dust up with the hornets when trying to cross their zone. And I made it worse by using a trap skill to trap about 4 more goblins, so they can’t flee the giant hornet nest area. (I didn’t realize I have such huge range! Awesome!) Those goblins died under a swarm of stings while I retreated back to my area to rest up.

I briefly had to use create water to put out the goblin fires still there, twice. Then I went to rest. But I only rested after using the binoculars to see the head goblin shaman whipping the patrol leader that lost across the ass until he bleeds.

I managed to get a nap in. But my mana bar sucks.

I got up at 1:30 to check the goblin status and sure enough they have another patrol of a whole squad, like the first one that they are about to send up here.

I began to work quickly.

I finished working on my traps.

The new trap is an improved root trap in a depressed dug out spot, that has the sod laid over it. I then also used bits of mana to sew the sod over the the trap to link their life forces so the sod won’t wither away and to keep it healthy. It will also hide the trap also, and be a different type than the grown hedge wall type vine traps that make up the maze walls.

But I was surprised when there’s a ping in my status screen!

[Camouflaged improved trap skill acquired!]

I checked it. Yes!

And now I’m shocked! This thing?! It merged the camouflage sod into a skill?! And its even better than before also!

It now costs -60 mana to set this thing up. It basically sets the trap mostly underground with the turf sod lid even with existing ground. I can set up duplicates of this thing anywhere as long as its not over rock or water.

I tested it myself and it does let me walk on it without triggering it or causing me damage,…but I’m not sure yet if it will accidentally trigger on allies or non-hostiles yet. I’ll have to test that when I get a chance.

The goblin patrol will be here soon.

I set up two camouflaged traps slightly in front and to the sides of the 20 foot wide pathway entrance I’d created. The goblins will think this spot is approachable. And then when its not they’ll get caught. But I didn’t totally block the zone path with them because I’d rather have them come through here at this choke point than to try to go to the less protected rear side that I’m still working on.

My mana bar is super low now.

I’m nervous if I can do anymore. If I do, I’ll be slightly above zero mana, and unable to help myself if I get wounded. But on the other hand I’m also anxious to show these goblins that they should basically give up and stop coming up here period, as its my territory.

But probably the head shaman and the other two shamans think they can come up here to steal magic treasure. That would be partly why they keep sending the other fodder troops up here. But that’s also why I haven’t fought too many higher level goblins yet also, because they wouldn’t be intimidated by a shaman that’s below them.

I’ll have to keep working hard…

As the other goblin patrol is approaching I used the same trick as before of setting off a minor trap just as their lines are crossing the hornet dens. Then I did two more of those.

The giant hornets feasted on goblin meat. It was right to use them against the goblins!

As the 3 traps I’d set off only costed -20 mana, I decided to risk setting off a few more, but by then the goblin patrol is entirely ruined and in full retreat with tons of giant hornets swarming after them.


Huh? What’s that?

Unexpectedly, using the binoculars I’d discovered that there’s tons of young smaller giant hornets, more than before. This seems to be because they’d had such a feast of tons of goblin meat recently! Their numbers are multiplying! These younger hornets had come out to do orientation flights and learn how to fly and hunt better.

Interesting creatures, though they are murderous.

And the status screen system has registered that I’d had a hand in helping the giant hornets trap and kill the goblins and gave me a 40% XP share of each of the kills!

Nice. I can handle that!

Hell if I got a 40% XP share any time they killed something I’d be happy to make them allies considering how dangerous this world was. I could help them survive also.

Unexpectedly I just leveled up!

About time! I’d killed or helped kill at least a hundred of them today. If that didn’t level me up, what would?

Still…that means its not easy to level up, and that you have to work pretty hard for it.



Name; Javen
Race; Administrator class (Censored)
Job class; Life/Creation Wizard
Level; 11 –> 12
Age; NA

Health; 207/226 –> 207/231
Mana; 17/786 –> 21/803
Stamina; 52/200 –> 52/205
Health regen; 12 –> 12 per day
Mana regen; 100 –> 103 (hourly)
Str 37
Agi 39 –> 40
Con 75
Int 130 –> 133
Wis 130 –> 133
App 105

Skills; Survival, Mana Sensing, [Censored], Summoned Danger Sense Turret(human shaped), Smash, Defend, Create Item , First Aid, Meditate, Axe Mastery
Minor Flame Wave, Create Water, Minor Heal, Root Trap, Improved Root Trap, Camouflaged Root Trap, Rejuvenate, Create Life, Magic Item Box (10 slot),
Traits; Memories have been censored, Blessing of the Heavens, Mana Genes, censored skills & traits, Life Affinity, Intermediate Life Affinity, Mana Efficiency, Advanced Life Affinity, Creation Affinity, Intermediate Creation Affinity, Intermediate Creation Affinity!

Equipment; Leather Gloves, Wizard Robes, (Kevlar) Shield, Splitting Maul 34″ Axe, Katana, Backpack, Coat, Throwing Dagger (3), Hunting Knife, Flashlight, Combat boots, Goggles, Soldier Helmet, Leather Armor, Orc Knife +3, Combat Boots, Shin Guards, Wrist Guards

Ris; 612

Unused stat points; 7 –> 0


I feel stronger, more powerful with magitek! My mana pool feels bursting with energy!

I feel slightly faster, but not by much.

I have some ideas for some new things to try tomorrow.



I fought off two more patrols that day, later in the afternoon of about 20 to 30 goblins each. But there’s was nothing special about them this time. It seems they’d already planned that it wouldn’t be a full on attack, and problably was a probing attack to look for weaknesses each time. I suspect they were just some lowly fodder rookie groups to keep my busy while the goblins assemble their main army. And in fact, these rookie fodder platoons were probably meant to also make me underestimate the other goblins main force when it arrives more fully equipped and with more units.

Or wear down my mana power and make me have an empty tank for when the main force arrives.





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