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The Life Wizard

LW – Chapter 18!

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Chapter 18




‘Help us…please,’ the telepathic voice continued.

I woke up.

Wow…what was that?

My status screen clock says its 2:31 AM.

I checked the two fairies in my coat. I’m keeping them warm. I applied 2 minor heals onto them.

I need to somehow get them loose from the twisted chains and imprisonment rods they are tied to. Maybe its better for them to die than live this way?

But how do I do that without hurting them?

And they don’t have enough energy to stay awake long enough to tell me how to help them.

By now also I can check the monitor security cameras on my laptop. As I do so i can see the goblins running around trying to poke through my defenses.

Huh? They are trying a new tactic huh?

They’ve made some kind of false grass like cover that they have over a pit they are digging. They are trying to dig in under the outer maze hedge ‘thorn wall’ bushes corridors, to find me. I didn’t see this during the day, but it looks like they’ve been doing that for at least a day! They were only doing it at night also with that fake grass cover, also, which made it so I didn’t see it before.

Interesting response. They want to break into the maze on their own terms, not mine. Maybe they think they’ll bypass the traps?

I better put a stop to that.

I left the secret room crawling on my stomach, through the narrow hidden floor entrance that’s so small you can’t see it even if you know about it. Then I went to an area near one of the openings of the maze, and casted 4 improved traps around the tunnel they are digging.

“WHAT?!” I cried out shocked.

Those 4 traps went off immediately, ripping out dozens of goblins into the trap network! One after another vine traps kept pulling them out, until those 4 traps were too full to even pull anymore out!

I ran over with my weapon and cast another root trap on the center of the tunnel, and then began executing the trapped tied up goblins.

*Sounds of axe striking*

*Sounds of axe striking*

*Sounds of axe striking*

*Sounds of axe striking*

*Sounds of axe striking over and over*

Whew…even trapped they have a lot of health. I also had to dodge a few blows myself from some that feebly tried to fight back.

This goblin died. But the trap just kept filling in more goblins in the trap whenever I’d free space! There were so many goblins trying to tunnel into that hole that the traps would go off non-stop until filled!

Shield up! I blocked several archery blows.

It felt like a long time just blocking archery shots from them.

Then I activated my minor flame wave into the opening of the tunnel. I activated it two more times.

But then I had to dodge and jump back, and get my shield back up. I casted another trap spell centered in the pit. The goblins countered it by trying to free their friends.

I ignited the trap with a flame wave skill and then spammed three more. They were caught scrambling, trying to get out of the trap.

Eventually I killed about 6 goblins. Not quite the XP buffet I wanted. Then I started to execute them in the traps again, while the others are trying to defend and block me from attacking while scared in the tunnel.

Wow, that tunnel is actually big! I began to worry. The rest retreated. But they’ll be back.

With that many goblins they’d accomplished a lot of work in 2 nights. I can’t believe they got this far.

This means also I’ll have to check the whole mountain for goblin tunnels, I frowned while thinking.

I don’t know if this is the first tunnel project or the thousandth. They could have all kinds of them around.

But they literally kept raiding all night. Many times also they were trying to do archer waves, until I’d trap them all. Over and over this cycle repeated.

I went back to sleep at 4:51 AM, after slaying about 90 goblins.



“Wake up,” I heard a voice. (~7:02 AM)

“Wake up please!” I heard the voice cry out. Its a small tiny feminine voice.

I opened my eyes surprised.

To my surprise there’s an elf like girl standing next to me, about five feet high, dressed in forest leathers and skimpy clothes. (I blushed). A lot of her curves are showing with her only in a sort of thin leather loincloth around her waist and a leather bikini up top with a green hat on.

“Wh-who are you?” I asked.

“This is a mental projection of myself, only larger. I’m one of the captured fairies you stole,” she put her hands on her hips and is acting pissed off.

“I didn’t steal you. I rescued you from the goblins,” I said.

“Uh huh…but you didn’t let us go,” she frowned.

“How can I? You needed medical treatment. And you were unconscious. I don’t know how to treat you, and you couldn’t tell me anything. The other girl also looks like she may die soon. I need help to know how to help you,” I told her.

She began to suddenly look worried, when I explained the other girl was more sickly and wasn’t waking up. “That’s…awful…”

I even healed each of them once each, and showed her what I saw.

It was quite fearful from her facial reaction to seeing herself tortured and trapped in the nails, chains, and bindings to the rod. And her facial expression was quite shocked, with a long silence.

“I…hate seeing myself like that. How awful,” she moaned.

“The system of nails embedded in your flesh and the chains so tight, I’m worried it will kill you if I try to pull the nails out of your flesh. There’s some kind of goblin shaman magic embedded in that system also. And I don’t know what it will do trying to get you free,” I told her.

She nodded and cried a bit.

Somehow she ended up hugging me.

This is so distracting. This body is practically naked…well more like being in a swimsuit. As she’s hugging me I can feel her curves and warmth, while I try to not react. There’s a leather loin cloth piece, short around the hips with most of the hips showing. And then the top…wow, what a great bust line! The apples aren’t too big but they are full for their size and shapely…

For a projection it feels quite real!

Come to think of it, she looks like a sexy female elf, except much smaller. She does have an adult body fully developed but her size is like a foot tall or something. She even has the pointed ears and long blonde hair, though no wings on her elf like form. The projection version is based off the small version but five times the total height.

Trying to not think about it…trying to not think about it…

It took a few minutes of her crying this way to calm down while I held her.

“So let’s talk about how to fix this,” I eventually spoke up.

“OK. Yes, let’s do that,” she agreed.

“Do you use magic? You can teach me some things to get me to have the skills to set you free,” I told her.

“Hm…but can I trust you? You look human,” she frowned while studying me over.

We began to talk.

“So how do I know if I can trust a human,” she frowned while leering at me.

I shrugged. “I get that. Many humans can’t be trusted. But I don’t want to capture you. I’d rather have you stay with me willingly, and not be force.”

“Hm….as if! Who would stay with a human!” she chirped back with some zesty attitude.

I cringed. I didn’t realize dealing with fairies would be hard.

She continued her tirade for awhile until I interrupted her.

“Look, you’ll die if you don’t help me help you,” I said.

She sobered up fast. “Ah, that’s complicated.”

I then found out a few things. Her name is Byxxel. All fairies have some magic but its mostly basic skills. (She wouldn’t tell me too much.)

She agreed to help me with a spell formula to help her.

I watched as she’s drawing several magic formulas on the ground with a stick in the sand.

“OK, there’s this…and this…yeah…I think you write it like that if you were human,” she said while moving around. She bent forward with her ass exposed towards me, as she’s writing; so I had to look the other way.

And then she turned her head towards me. “Huh? You passed the ass test huh? I thought for sure you’d be looking at me. But you had some discipline after all.”

She then gave me a smile and a thumbs up. “OK, I’ll teach you some magic, because you passed the ass test and didn’t stare at me. I’ll give you 2 magic formulas. All you have to do is use them to help free me from the goblin fairy slave rod.”

“Is that what they call it, a ‘fairy slave rod’?” I asked.

She frowned and then began to cry.

Oh man. This is going to be a long day.



At 7:31 AM we had to take a break so I could fight off goblins. And while doing so Byxxel’s fairy projection follows me around everywhere. She can touch me but not other things, so she can’t help me with combat. The goblins pass through her when they try to grab her.

Skirmish at 7:47 AM (21 goblins slain).
Skirmish at 7:54 AM (34 goblins slain).

Skirmish at 8:21 AM (43 goblins slain).

Skirmish at 9:17 AM (11 goblins killed, 17 fled, 4 killed by giant hornets).

“This is taking too long. There’s too many interruptions to train you,” Byxxel sighed frustrated at one point.

We paused for a meal break. She did try some of the fried fish.

She then asked me to use some of my skills so she could see how I did them and try to help me improve.

“Wait…your a life wizard?!” she said shocked.

“Yeah, didn’t I tell you that already?” I scratched my head.

“Oh that’s amazing! Life wizards are awesome! Yay! What a find! I should have realized there was a reason I liked your scent! Now I know why! Fairies love life magic power,” she cried.

She’s hugging me.

“Why do fairies like life wizards?” I wondered.

“Life wizard magic is very rare. But do you know its very similar to fairy magic power? Of all the different types of magic elements elves and fairies are closest to life magic! So we treasure life wizards. I should be able to help you after all! Plus, one positive attribute about life magic is that only very pure people can use it!” she chirped smiling big.

What an amazing change of attitude!

Before I had thought she hated humans and people! But now she’s excitedly following me around.

We then began practicing the skill formulas she showed me.

It was hard work…

To be honest I didn’t get much done with the maze upgrades today. I spent all day just working on these formulas.

But we also began to worry about the other girl, the weak fairy that was barely alive.

Byxxel says the other girl is called Styxa.

Styxa and Byxxel?

I guess fairy names wouldn’t be like human names.

Near sun down Byxxel asked me if I’d created any life servants yet.

“Uh not really. Is that what life wizards do?” I asked.

She nodded happily. “In many ways life wizards are very much like summoners. They use their creatures and creations to defend them and enjoy peace and prosperity by harnessing their power. This also makes the world terraformed over time as their powers and life creations evolve, interacting with mana. Some call life wizards terra formers! Elves also like this idea!”

“That’s amazing!” I said.

“Yes! So I’m going to teach you how to create your first elf!” she said.

Wh-what did she just say?!

Create an elf?!



The rest of the day she told me ‘creating an elf was secret and I’ve have to earn it.’

She resisted attempts from me to nag it out of here or beg.

Also, she resisted me inviting her out on dates or to spend time together.


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  1. Dear Naosu,

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    On this “life wizard” piece, I like the general versatility of the life concept, but up to now, the main hero knows nothing a bout his past, nor has he any meaningful interaction with his surrondings. Only mindless hornets and stubborn but dangerous goblins.

    Many Clues on the fairies are dropped, but no one took root so far.

    Am very excited to get here further pre-reads.
    Please, do not open any new series. FInish some of the existing

    1. Thank you for sending me a note! I’ll make some notes about his future. You made a good point. Thank you. And I’m going to try and speed up posting for this story. Please keep in touch.

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