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WT – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I sipped at my soda gently. OK, ten minutes before my break ends. Right now I'm outside the office in the mini-mall cafe nearby. Tons of shops are around me full of glitter and bling with a lot of lady shoppers especially and after school kids here passing around me. 

My girlfriend should be here any minute to meet me for lunch. 

I waited on the lunch bench. Then I glanced at my watch again. I'm a bit nervous about the time. Then I realized my soda cup was almost empty, so I tossed it in the garbage. 

Finally I see Steph, my girlfriend approaching and I waved. 

Wait a minute, who is that guy with her?

Finally Steph and this new guy reach my bench.

Why is she with another guy? What the hell?!

Steph is my girlfriend. But she's holding hands with another guy.


" want to tell me what's going on?" I asked her. 

"Jake, I'll make this quick. I'm dumping you. Mike here has a house and a car. And I've been fucking him for months anyway. Bye!"

I'm too stunned to say anything. 

I stayed control of my anger. Giving in and doing something would stupid would just let the enemy win. 

6 months later. 

I'm using one of those online dating services.

I text Marsha. ‘Hey, how was your day?’
Good. U?’ she types back.
I missed you.’
So you ready for the big date? I'm excited to meet you,’ I told her by text.

She replies positively. 

We'd been planning this for about 2 months. She'd confessed her love for me a few weeks ago. Ever since then things had been going great.
I missed you too, Steve.’

Uh oh...that's a problem. 

My name is Jake, not Steve. 
Marsha...who is Steve?’

She doesn't reply. Then the dating chat window shuts. Marsha goes off line.


That's kind of a major fuck up. She started to call me Steve, and I've never said anything other than my name being Sam. 

So...apparently even while confessing her love to me, she's also confessing love to Steve? 

This is really messed up.


3 months later I'm still working. And my experiences keep ending up the same with experiences like Marsha and Steph. I feel weary of these games. 

But every time I run into a woman it's a scam. What is this, the fourth time? They are so picky. Sometimes she says, if you love me you would give me all your money.

Stupid...they think men will do anything for them. Just because you want to have a relationship doesn't mean you will throw your life away for them. 

My phone beeps...

"Hello?" I picked up my flip phone.

"Jake! How are you?" my sister is on the line.

"Hi! Good and you?" 

"Good, good. Hey are you coming to Thanksgiving dinner next week?" she asked.

"Sure, sure. Do I need to bring anything? Any changes I should know about?" I asked. 

"Good. I'm glad. We'll set a place for you. Oh I'm so busy and have a call on the other line. See you soon! I have to call the others to make sure everyone gets invited. I'll text you the time all right? Thanks!" she hangs up.

She didn't really listen to me. But I guess that's normal for her. 

My sister is busy. She also has a husband too that takes up a lot of her time. 

A week later, I'm almost done driving down. 

I pull up to the house.

It's empty. 

"What the hell?" I looked up at the old house where we grew up, dad's house. 

I opened up the flip phone and call my sister. "Hey. Where the hell are you? The house is empty."  

There's laughter in the background. My sister and my brothers have it on speaker phone. 

The fuckers didn't tell me they'd changed it to my sisters place this year, which is a couple hundred miles in the other direction. And there was no way of telling that it wouldn't be here at dad's house because we do it here every year.

I had to listen to their crap as they jeer at me. They aren't even hiding their asshole attitudes. Then they told me to come up and join them. 

They hang up before I call lose my temper and tell them to fuck off. 

The dumb asses still didn't tell me where it was at, so I'd had no choice but to assume it was at dad's house like the year before. And I HAD checked for the text from my sister with the time and date but it had left that out. 

I have 2 brothers, and 1 sister. So it could be at sister's house, aunt's house, or aunt number 2's house. My brothers still live at home, so I doubt it can't be at their house.

I'm just going to go home. 

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