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WT Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Its been less than a day since I was let go from my job via corruption. I’m surprised more people don’t question it. In the end it usually comes down to the guy at the top doesn’t want to share, or someone in the middle doesn’t want to share. 
I hit the call button on my flip phone. 
"Hey dad?" 
"Hey son, how are ya'?"
"I need to come home."
" everything OK?"
"I got canned today."
"Oh hell. Did you try to talk to them? Maybe you should work something out. Try to do..." he started into a lengthy advise session.
He doesn't get it. Dad's pretty good usually although his personality is sometimes abrasive. And he really does mean well. 
"I tried that. And it's too late. I didn't know it was happening," I told him.
"You should have worked harder! If you just work a bit harder none of that would have happened!" he is upset while telling me.
"I did work hard dad. I don't get it. I had the highest numbers on my team. I always do," I told him.
"Bull shit. If you did, they wouldn't have canned you," he said. He thinks I'm lying.
"Dad the world is harsh now and everything is upside down. It's not like it was 50 years ago. Middle managers feed themselves before the investors," I told him.
"Well come home then. We'll work it out. But I want you trying to find a new job."
"Of course, dad."


As soon as I got home I began packing up my stuff; in the garage first. Then I’ll carry the boxes into the rest of the house. In the end, I don’t have a lot of stuff actually. 
A call lights up on my cell phone's caller ID. 
"Hey," I answered.
"Are you ready for tonight?" I asked.
"Hey Jake...I heard you got fired. I can't date someone without a job. It's over," Heather informs me.
Damn it. 
Heather was going so well. 
But then again, she wasn't really that great looking, but acted and expected like she was the best. 
Then she hangs up.


It only takes me a couple of hours to get my stuff in the car. 
My rental contract was already past the year mark, so I was on the month to month portion. They will mail me the deposit from moving in on the first of the month. 
I was only renting 1 room in a shared apartment anyway. And even though I'd used the cheapest place I could, things never seemed to end up well. 
It takes 2 hours to drive back to the smaller town where dad's place is. 
As I enter the living room, my brothers mocked at me for both getting fired and dumped again in the same day.
Mom is sitting next to them and does nothing. 
Dad is out back working in the yard.
I went out to greet him. 
"Hey son."
He greets me with a hug
"Want to help me chop wood?" he asked with a chuckle.
"Sure, but we have a heater in the house."
"Oh, this is just to spend time well. I don't want to be watching TV with that crap on TV," he gripes.
Dad is getting pretty old. He's about 64 years old now. I wish I could relate to him more. 
He had me later in life, and I'm the youngest of my brothers. Only I didn't get things good like normal families; it ended up like being an only child in a lot of ways because the others were all gone while I was growing up and I wasn't able to use the 'spoiled kid' card to get stuff. 
"Dad, I did everything right. This is totally messed up. I worked super hard. I thought I was going in there to get promoted. And then the sky is turned upside down and I'm leaving instead. To make it worse, the boss's brother was interviewing today too," I told him.
"What? No way that could happen," he denies it.
"Dad, why does this always happen? You know I believe in hard work like you do," I told him.
"That's true..." he can't deny that.
I'd done several jobs in the last few years. But none of them work out. I had tried hard at all of them though and he knows it. 
"What about your girlfriend. Did she say anything supportive? When things are bad that's when you talk to your family. Why not spend some time with her for a bit," he encouraged.
"She heard from a coworker I was canned and shut that down too."
"Damn it son.'ve got to turn this around somehow! My hell!" he swore.
"You aren't listening dad..."
He proceeds to yell at me.


I ended up in my old room, which is by the furnace in the basement. 
My brothers avoid me and are giving me the cold shoulder. 
They are still mad at me over them getting in trouble over stuff that happened a year ago. 
Mom is vegging out, while watching TV.
I connected my computer up and begin working. 
I don't really use my computer to play around much. I read. I study. I listen to documentaries, science, scriptures, and anything I can.
People don't know it but a lot is missed up in the world. 
Everyone knows it but nobody will admit it.
The world has become a world of predators and only predators allowed to thrive. 
This is why most young people under 40 are living at home with their parents. It's also why living at home is villainized. People don't realize it's already past 60% of young people living at home who are adults between 18 and 40 right now. 
In places like Italy, France, and Europe its worse!
If you google Italy's unemployment rate is says around 12% for 2018. But the truth is that it's closer to 40% for anyone not middle aged. And it's also in the 30% to 40% for several European Union countries for those same areas!
The reason for the difference is cutting out the youth, especially the young, and the very elderly! Spain has youth unemployment around 50%, Italy's 40% comes from the youth figure also. France, and other places...also no wonder they are burning. 
And then they mask the numbers by only showing the middle aged and others in their employment numbers! 
This is real! This is our world flushing itself down the toilet!
This is why people fight over 10 bucks an hour jobs now. 
Just then now as I'm watching the news it says Migrant caravan invasion near Tijuana.
The democrats are trying to impeach the new president, and he's the only one who has ever done anything good in the last 30 years.
As I flip through internet news ads, I catch a funny article on YouTube. I chained from one article to the next, as I look for more answers hoping to find out why our world is so bad right now. 
"Monster sightings in Europe"
"The truth about the World Gate"
"Necromancer Labyrinth Town sacked by orcs!"
"Necromancers take back Labyrinth town, but hundreds missing!"
"Is the European Union and Mangela Erkel really run by shape-shifting doppelgangers?" one article reads.
As I click through the articles its not even funny. 
The thing is you can tell when something is fake. You can tell when something is CG, or professional news videos compared with something doctored up.
The first link is "Monster sightings in Europe", and as I watch it, it's one of those self appointed news yuppies like the Rebellion, a Canadian self done news sight. This article they are showing proof that goblins and orcs are real!
There were always rumors about stuff like orcs and goblins being real, more than Elvis and aliens sightings even. But nobody could tell if it was real because of all the media censorship.
"Oh my hell..." I accidentally said aloud as it goes into a clip of a guy holding a video camera while sitting on the roof of some building in Labyrinth Town during their orc invasion. 
The footage shows orcs raping villagers there, and chasing women down the street with people freaking out, and at the same time as that other stuff also trying to skin them alive. UN troops try to fight back but there's a blood bath on both sides. Orc rape gangs in the next clip were using some guys intestines as sex toys.
This shit is real!!!
Monsters are real! The video had the look and feel of someone really filming on site with a cheap camera, and not the polished bling look of Hollywood fakes! 
I recognized some of the signs in that town as being old Polish signs that weren't taken down. Also when you use a google mapping site and point the satellite pics at addresses you can find what a real address looks like. And when I did that I can see that the site of the attack in that video is real!
The orcs are real!
So that means the legends of the Polish Wastelands are real too!
I found evidence that orcs were real in YouTube videos! People are trying to promote awareness that monsters are taking over everywhere! 
I went through a video of a guy doing an orc dissection in his basement on a surgical table even while the orc is sedated! He cut it open and shows people that the orcs are real! They have more rib bones than humans even, which makes them harder to kill, and more than one set of kidneys. Also he showed how they have more adrenal glands than humans do, which is why they are stronger. Also they have four testicles not two, which is why orcs are so 'rapey'. 
The urban legends are that goblins and orcs need more kidneys because they live in such filthy places. 
There are literally hundreds of videos on alternative media sites now showing that monsters are invading Europe along the Germany, Austria, and other borders from out of the Polish Wastelands!
This is amazing!
But why is it so covered up?
I just saw a goblin dissection after the orc dissection by the famous newsman Alecsi Bagman, who also exposed much of the migrant caravan invasion coming into the US from Mexico. 
He was right about the illegals. And now he's right about the orcs and goblins! 
And now he's covering the orc invasions in Europe!
Video after video shows the world gate in the Polish Wastelands are real! That monsters are coming to our world! 
But why is the government covering it up?!
Why would they do that?!

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