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WT Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Son, is there anything I can do for you?" Dad poked his head into my room and asked. Somehow dads can make everything good even when things are pretty awful. It's a special skill that comes with their 'job class'. 
How do they do it?
Even though things are bad now, with him close by I think I can still find some hope. My life feels like it sucks, so I just try to do small talk with him. I can't really tell him how bad it is, because that would mean admitting its bad.
I’d been doing some job search stuff on my lap top. But the stress had been boiling me alive right before he came in the room. 
But the screwed up part is that its adversity that I don't deserve. I had decent grades, not the best but still good. I’d been good and no problems in my past. I also had a lot of extracurricular activities. But somehow I’d gotten passed by for others a lot. 
"I'm good. Thanks Dad." 
He smiled back. And now he's talking to me like a coach. He can read my face, I think. 
"Listen son, I know you've taken some hits that weren't your fault. But just keep trying OK. You have to keep trying," Dad encouraged.
"I will. You can bet on it," I told him.
He leaves to go do some other chores...
I sighed.
What I said wasn't a lie but...even if I try over and over and over...someone else has to be able to receive that feeling, those feelings. A company has to be willing to receive it, or I have to be able to have a system that will let me grow instead of stealing that work and effort for their own and then ejecting me.
This country is toxic.
Businesses are also toxic and greedier than the devil.
Women are toxic and corrupted. 
There's no place left in this world to go to for help. 
All I have left is Dad. But Dad has a lot of health problems and is a senior citizen now. I can't depend on him forever. I don't know how much time he has left. 
I don't even have mom left, because she gave up long ago and only cares for spending dad's money and trying to fill the family house up with stuff. And that's why dad hasn't been able to help me with health problems. She's alive, but a shell of something that has given up to only think of itself.
I think a lot of families are like ours. There's maybe one, possibly two good people in them. Then the rest are all selfish and becoming predators or vermin. You see the signs when you go around town; people ignoring those in need, and even pushing them farther away.   
My brothers are selfish and prey off dad's help too. My sister is good at putting up a good face, but I don't know if she's any different. And it would haunt her to realize she's becoming more like mom everyday, even though for years she swore she wouldn't. 
The difference is that I'm trying and they aren't, while they coast the waves and live off others. I'm also not fully able bodied. I've had health problems my whole life. My brothers are able bodied but I get pushed out of the way for them and mom to ask for help from dad while I'm not able bodied and all of them are. 
There's nothing good about this world.
I wonder how long we have left as a society before it implodes. 
Even some of the research I'd done on the monster invasion suggested that the 'paladin' groups of Europe and the US weren't really putting their resources into stopping the invasion.
Lately I'd been interested in that.
It started out by leaked articles in the non-mainstream media. You know the sites, that you hear about but you aren't sure if they are real? Everyone knows BNN, and BBD are fake news. So is Bayoo, much of Doogle, and MST's sites.
But then one day I was looking at some self help videos on changing a car part and stumbled on some other news sites by normal people. They kept talking about the Polish Wastelands and orc invasions in Europe.
Then there's references to 'will the paladins stop them?''Will the paladins keep evil in check?''Please pray for our brave men and women in the military, law enforcement, and in the paladin monster fighting teams'...
It caught my interest.
So paladins are real too?
The people in the videos didn't look or sound crazy. They sounded like real, normal people. 
I do a Doogle search on paladins. Nothing shows up.
But then when I was looking through ZooTube feeds there real life submitted videos of innocent bystanders filming monster skirmishes between paladins and orcs! The most famous of them is this Doug guy, who is a killing bastard that seems to like it too much. 
Everyone seems to be trying to follow him around because he's a firecracker that's always looking to punish evil. In the last 12 months, there are over 26 orc slaying videos of people secretly following Doug, the paladin; rumored to be somewhere near the German border.
But it's complicated in that Doug doesn't like being filmed and is a bit edgy. In some of the videos he chased off the camera people with his sword threatening to kill them. 
However you look at it,...even if Doug is a bit off and if the paladins are a bit off maybe there's a chance there.
I do more investigating. 
It's a real legitimate organization! 
You can find sources for them if you look hard enough! takes time to look and find the well hidden bread crumbs!
I pieced it together slowly. It took weeks at dad's place to do. In the end, my bedroom wall was covered with news clippings, magazine article cut outs, string, and pin ups markers with notes, most of which is about the Polish Wastelands but also about 'Paladins'. 
It seems the paladin organizations exist in North America, and Europe with much of that in the US. and mainstream Christian Europe countries. Canada and Mexico seem to have an absence of presence there due to stifling of free speech and so on. 
Most top leaders in the paladin groups get six digit salaries. Well that’s sort of interesting, but only if anyone can get those salaries, and not only the special elitists. 
But you never hear about those ones being on the battlefield. Instead they send the lower level and newbie paladins to the front lines.
The necromancer groups are effective but kill each other as much as they do the enemy.
Then there's the vampires...who knows what they are up to. Of everyone they are the best at covering up their sins and plans. They are more secretive than the government. 
Can humanity really win to push out the monsters coming through in Europe?
It seems that there's a world gate in China too, but people can't verify it. 
And when I try to find out about why I didn't know about the monsters in the world until now I find something interesting.
There's this crony Xoros and others in our world who have been buying up news media companies in the US and Europe. Other billionaires are doing it to. They buy them up and then suddenly without any clear reason for it, these news companies stop telling people the truth and what's really happening.
Instead they just spew out garbage.
And all that while monsters are taking over the world. 
I sucked in my breathe in shock.
This is why I'd not known about the orcs and goblins until now!
These news media companies had been trying to stifle the news so that they could make their corporations bigger than countries! And their connected conspiracy groups were also trying to conquer countries from within by information warfare, doctrine of law warfare, and other means.
But nobody was facing the fact that orcs and goblins were real and taking over Europe!
Freak man...this is bad. How did I miss this before? Its real! There are freaking ZouTube videos of women being chased in the streets also! 
Why didn't I know about paladins and other stuff before too? It seems like some countries knew about them, but our news media is more stifled because we're an influential country that has power, rather than doesn't have it. Nobody wants to control the news media in a country that has no strength; instead they control the ones at the top to control the ones below!
If this keeps up, not only will the governments collapse, but soon orcs and goblins will rule the world instead. 
The question really is...what can I do about it?
I ponder this question as I think about it.
I'm smart, I'm hard working, I'm dedicated, and I always have done what's right. 
But the problem is that there's nowhere to go. There's no one to turn to that can be relied upon. Everyone everywhere is involved in scams and only thinking about "me, me, me!"
This is hard. How do I beat this slump I'm in?
And I have to beat it before the governments of the world collapse, and before humanity becomes extinct before monsters!
Deep inside people know it's happening. They can feel that something isn't right with the world. 
How do you become a supernatural?
This thought just entered my brain. 
I realized that at some point, these supernatural guys were normal John Doe's like me, walking the streets. At some point, they decided to wake up and take a future for their own, even if it meant fighting and bleeding and nearly dying to make it happen! 

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