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Elf Collector

A new world?! How did I get here?

It seems the system has carried me away from Earth. This is a new world entirely. A world run by the ‘ancient code’. Anything is possible here, and I’ve been given a new life, a chance to grow and improve myself beyond human limits!

This is amazing! This world seems beautiful and full or resources.

My body is…wait there’s monsters here too. That thing just tried to eat me.

Ah, what’s this a status screen?! Now how do I use it to get out of here? Maybe there’s something here that can help me.

Is there a ‘help’ or ‘guide’ button here somewhere? System administrator, where are you?

The help feature is there. But its broken? How the hell can the guide system be broken? What kind of crazy place is this?!

Who broke the system?!

Behind me that creature chasing me is getting closer…