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Learn Swedish with Isekai Stories – Kidnappad till en annan värld

Now you can study and learn the language of your ancestors, modern norsk of swedish dialect by reading Isekai stories!

As an isekai reader and searcher of new worlds to explore using magic and adventure with dungeon leveling, you must know that most of you have norse ancestors! Before german was a national identity, norse and vikings were! And real!

Most of the scandinavian languages today are modern versions of norse. Or norsk.

Now you can study them by reading Kidnapped to Another World’s translation into Swedish, and compare and learn by using the English version as a comparison!

Do I speak swedish? Not fluently. But I am a student of it and have been for some time. I picked Swedish because of the modern scandinavian dialects, it has more speakers than Icelandic, Danish, or Norwegian. Also if you do your family history, many of you will run into ancestors of Scandinavian descent if you are from Europe, the US, or Canada.

Simple open up the English language version and then compare with another window open, holding the Swedish version. Now you can learn while entertaining yourself.

Have you ever wondered why children learn so fast?

While these stories aren’t for children or those of less than 18 years old, you can learn while playing. This is why children learn so fast. They learn with play, and it helps overcome their mental barriers and stress as they progress.

Thank you for reading and for your support.




While not being fluent in Swedish, I am interested in linguistics and languages my whole life. I may put up other translations for languages I’m interested in later. Or if you are fluent in other dialects you may message me to volunteer to help with those languages. Thank you.