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Last Mage in Minnesota, Book 2!


The Simulator Mage Book 2, AKA The Last Mage in Minnesota Book 2.

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Danny Thorvaldsen’s struggle continues.

New mysteries, new skills, and powers to unlock. new level ups.

New monsters…

New problems.

Although he hasn’t left Earth, it still feels like an Isekai world with everything changing.


But not everything is easy. By the day, this new system seems to get harder. His city is going down hill fast, with crime and new damage. Its not safe to go out during the day, let alone at night! Another group of adventurers have come along and also have learned how to level up and become dungeon explorers. They suddenly take a special interest in the powers Danny has.

But can he trust them?

And what about the mysterious Eliza, that’s helping him? He doesn’t know much about her.

Monsters abound, as much as this new magic system. And he can only trust Linda and his other powers to get him through the tough spots.

This edition readers will enjoy vast privileges of my writing setup! Large number of chapters! Lots of detail. High page and word count! Readers will feel they are getting something for their money with a story that doesn’t end too quickly!


The Monsterification trilogy begins now!