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Kidnapped to Another World

Lies. Deception. Betrayal. Dungeons, and Magic.

An underdog slowly becomes an overpowered crushing force for good but stumbles along the way before figuring out what and who he is. This is an underdog taking the lead from behind through hard knocks survival story.

The students of a certain school find themselves sucked into a new dangerous world. They’ll have to adapt quickly. This world has no mercy and won’t wait for them to grow up. Surprise number two; there are no newbie areas to transition from. This is a hell world and humans are prey here and at the bottom of the food chain.

Shun and his classmates have been summoned it seems, as hero candidates. No wait, but that’s a lie too. The job, isn’t to defeat any demon king…it’s just to keep the human cities from falling to monster attacks and survive as individuals.

This is a world full of powerful monsters. The monsters rule everything outside the few walled human towns left. Those with power live, while those without it become the servants. We’re now stuck in a new world. Things are different here. Magic is what keeps humanity alive and monsters outside the wall. But not everyone can use magic, and infighting between them is common.

There are other problems too. Magic seems seductive … and it has a cost…and there are those that prey on those with magic as well. Something on this world also pulls people towards the dark side easily.

Is this a dream? What’s real?

But this isn’t Earth. Things are different here.

We’re trapped here! There’s no way to get back!

This is a survival hard mode story!

*** Author note; This is a slow build story. It had over 3 million views on another site before it was taken down. The main character starts slow and doesn’t start taking off as being strong until about Chapter 60 or 70+. The main character does get strong so don’t worry that I take my time getting there. Its a slow build thing.***